New York Knights is your source for knightly culture in the New York City area. We provide high-quality armor, weapons, and accoutrements for stage and film productions, corporate events, parties, private functions, weddings, and other occasions. We also provide actors, models, and swordfighters for any presentation, demonstration, show, or function.

The founder of New York Knights is Sir Zorikh Lequidre, AKA "Captain Zorikh," Knight of the Drawn Sword, member of Team USA at the Battle of the Nations, the world championship of Historic Medieval Battles (HMB), its first two years and captain of the American contingent of the "All-on-All" team in 2013. He has been doing various types of medieval armored combat for over 26 years, and was the first American ever to fight in a "pro rules" match in Europe.

New York Knights is also the home of the first New York City-based team for HMB. We are looking for NYC-based fighters who wish to be part of a team to compete in the Armored Combat League and try out for Team USA at the Battle of the Nations
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Corporate events

Private functions, public festivals, and events.

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Educational Appearances

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Jeff Wasson wearing one of his masterpieces. He made the armor, but not the truck.
The incredible historical armor of Jeff Wasson Artistry
Combat Inc Stage Combat
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Contact Info:
Name: Zorikh Lequidre, President and CEO of New York Knights